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Financial Planning, Investing, Income Protection, Contract Review, Tax Planning
Certified Since: September, 2018
Location: Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Justin Nabity, Founder and CEO of Physicians Thrive discovered that physicians frequently get screwed over. This happens on a regular basis because of physicians' limited financial education due to the intensity and focus it takes to become a healthcare professional and because physicians suffer from high burnout and stress from the demands of work and family. His team set out to change this by providing them with a robust menu of services to support them while they make major financial and career decisions.

After serving physicians for almost a decade it became clear that their primary role was to help physicians gain financial vision. Driven by a mission to do the most good possible for their clients, they decided to give back to the community by impacting physical vision and establishing a one-for-one program. With every client served, a person with cataract blindness would receive sight-restoring surgery. In order to create the platform to serve clients and restore sight to many, we formed Give Sight Global, a 501(c)3 to be the engine behind the movement to restore sight to one million eyes. Physicians Thrive gives more than 1% of its revenue to this cause.

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