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Certified Since: July, 2014
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Pro Bono Australia is a gateway to the Social Economy. They are an online hub - where Not for Profits, philanthropists, volunteers and sustainable business all converge and work together to drive positive environmental and social change.

With more than 45,000 subscribers and close to a million visitors, their digital footprint is globally unique and fast-growing. Through their specialist news service, events, survey, products and services, they connect, enable and provide a voice for those seeking to create positive change. This ranges from individuals and those working in not-for-profits to philanthropists and investors seeking to fund socially beneficial projects, government agencies exploring social innovation policy, and businesses supplying into and supporting the sector.

A pioneering for-profit social enterprise, they’ve been at the forefront of technological innovation and social change since 1999. They employ a small and growing team, and pay for what they provide to the sector by operating as a business and generating income from advertising and commercial services to develop their portfolio in line with changing sector needs.

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