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Radix Consulting Group, LLC

Intellectual Property
Certified Since: July, 2016
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Radix helps communities to understand issues of diversity/inclusion/equity, and employs solution-focused approaches to catalyze systemic social change.

Radix forms a bridge between government and community, and pushes for institutional and systemic transformation through policy advocacy whilst simultaneously working to increase the meaningful representation of people with diverse backgrounds at decision-making tables and in leadership roles.

Radix's work employs a solution-focused approach to address and redress the root causes of disparity and inequity, as well as to catalyze impactful social change through policy innovation and implementation at the community, local and regional level.

Radix champions, catalyzes and stewards processes of organizational change and culture shift to increase social parity and mitigate the impact of history.

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