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Travel Management
Certified Since: June, 2014
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Reho Travel grew out of an overland luxury bus concept in the UK in the 70’s, then transformed into a High Street bucket shop in the 80’s and has now evolved into a highly respected and award winning Australian owned travel management company. With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Reho Travel is focused on managing the travel for companies with a travel spend up to $5m. Several specialist divisions include Reho Study Tours and Reho Leisure.

The company is committed to providing a professional service to its customers, ensuring they benefit from Reho Travel's experience, unique style and energy. A highly visible, independent and progressive travel agency, the firm aims to make a difference in everything it does.

Reho Travel is committed to making a difference in the world that its clients travel to, whether on business, on holiday or on a study tour.

Currently 10% of the company's profits are invested in a microfinance agency in Malawi called rehope, which it established with the primary vision of offering small affordable loans to the languishing communities in order to transform their living standards and to revamp their lost hope of bettering their lives. This is the first stage in what the company hopes will evolve into similar projects in many parts of the world.

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