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Richmond Grid

Solution-oriented magazine featuring makers, storytellers, & community builders.
Certified Since: October, 2012
Location: Richmond, Virginia, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Grid is not just a magazine: it’s a Greater Richmond movement. We’ve pulled together some of the best local writers, photographers, thinkers, and doers in Richmond. Throughout the feature articles and columns in each issue they use a community-based, solution- oriented approach that showcases the region. As they grow the magazine and the community around it, their goal is to become bigger than the printed page.

Grid is a magazine made up of writers, storytellers, thinkers, and doers. As a solution-oriented publication, they have the benefit of getting deeply involved in their stories and telling others about all of the good their community has to offer. To move beyond the printed page, however, they felt that they needed to do more than just write about the positive aspects of the region and instead find a way to harness the power of their platform to truly get involved in the community in order to create public benefit.

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