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Rivanna Natural Designs, Inc.

Sustainable Plaques and Awards
Certified Since: July, 2011
Location: Richmond, Virginia, United States
Sector: Manufacturing

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Rivanna Natural Designs creates awards, plaques, and gifts made from FSC-certified woods, bamboo, recycled glass, and other planet-friendly materials. Rivanna began in 2001 with a simple objective: to create green jobs for refugees and others in Central Virginia who needed safe, meaningful, and rewarding employment.

Unlike most award vendors, Rivanna designs and manufactures the majority of its products. This has enabled the company to control material inputs and outflows and adhere to an environmental standard significantly higher than the industry norm. Deeply committed to preserving the world’s forests, Rivanna obtained its chain-of-custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) prior to shipping its first product in 2002.

Rivanna respects natural systems and accepts responsibility for the effects of its actions on the environment. As a manufacturer, the company is keenly aware that its materials and processes have environmental impacts. The task is to minimize adverse impacts and, whenever possible, use restorative (as opposed to depletive) materials and methods of production.

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