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rTraction Canada, Inc.

SEO, SEM, Social Media | Websites (template and custom) | Measurement | Creative
Certified Since: February, 2016
Location: London-Ontario, Ontario, Canada
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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rTraction Canada, Inc., is a digital agency that uses design thinking to remove barriers (seen or unseen) that block your success. They don't just start with a desired outcome or the problem you think you have, they uncover what's in the way of your operations achieving your purpose (whether the problem is communication, outreach, or tech), and they work on that.

Like any digital agency, they know their way around technology and they believe in returning good value to their clients. There are a few things that make them a little different from your average production house, however:

They focus on improving community outcomes; improving the community they're serving is more important than maximizing profit.

They know that with real, lasting change, there is tension. They aren't afraid of it... in fact, they welcome it.

They are committed to helping smooth out the bumps in the project roadmap to keep it productive, and they confirm they're on track in every project meeting.

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