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Educational Media
Certified Since: October, 2008
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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SABEResPODERª (SEP) is a targeted multi-media platform reaching Hispanic immigrants at key transition points in their lives when actively seeking resources to further establish themselves in the U.S. SEP distributes educational video programming and educational booklets in trusted and easily accessible community locations, providing comprehensive and practical educational solutions on topics such as financial literacy, healthcare, healthy living, and education, to assist Spanish-speaking consumers become more informed, confident, and active participants in American society. SABEResPODER is the leading provider of comprehensive and practical educational solutions for Spanish-dominant Latinos in the United States. SABEResPODER's multi-media platform reaches over seven million consumers every year across the United States. It is important to differentiate companies that are truly making a difference.

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