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Scout Books

Custom notebooks sustainably made in the USA
Certified Since: August, 2017
Location: PORTLAND, Oregon, United States
Sector: Manufacturing

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Scout Books is a collaborative notebook brand from sunny Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

Scout Books' bright yellow headquarters include their design studio, editorial office, printing plant, and book bindery. Over the past four years, theyÕve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of talented people and businesses all over the world, and logged thousands of hours producing their library of Scout Book projects. TheyÕre proud of the fact that Scout Books are designed, edited, project-managed, printed, bound, packaged, marketed, and sold from their Southeast Portland headquarters. It is truly a vertically-integrated manufacturing process, and quite unique in the industry. They do it all in house!

Each Scout Book is designed to be versatile, affordable and easy on the environment. From the size of the books to the number of pages, they made deliberate decisions to reduce waste, and encourage creativity. Scout Books manufactures with 100% recycled papers, vegetable based inks, and equipment powered by renewable energy. TheyÕre committed to sourcing raw materials from North America.

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