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Certified Since: July, 2009
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Sector: Manufacturing

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SEEDS is a green printing company comprised of environmentally conscious, creative professionals with years of experience in the fields of printing, design, marketing, writing and editing, and world-class customer service. It offers start-to-finish design consultation and production, for corporate marketing materials, books, catalogs, magazine publications, and small-business collateral material. The company is continually educating itself on the latest technologies of environmental printing and advancements in its fields and seeking ways to improve its Eco-friendly printer services.

SEEDS offers environmentally friendly green printing services from initial concept to final delivery and distribution. SEEDS can assist any company, big or small, with every aspect of any printing project-and does it in a way that is environmentally friendly and cost effective. The company has an eclectic team of passionate, multi-talented professionals including leading-edge graphic and web designers, award-winning editors, marketing wizards, and mail fulfillment and delivery specialists.

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