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Energy Data Analytics
Certified Since: May, 2013
Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Simple Energy leverages energy data analytics, individualized messaging, and leading behavioral science to motivate customers to take the actions their utilities value most. Simple Energy interacts with customers in real-time across the platforms people use most Ð email, web, mobile, social, and print Ð to build a more dynamic relationship between utilities and their customers.

Simple Energy helps utility consumers better understand their own energy use and motivates them to reduce their consumption with actionable insights, competitive challenges, and rewards. Simple Energy consistently achieves industry-leading levels of customer engagement and sustained behavioral change.

Simple Energy seeks to create a world where people can easily understand their energy footprint and are empowered to reduce their consumption. To realize this dream, Simple Energy helps utility companies develop new and better ways to engage their customers, promote energy efficiency practices, and realize the potential of the smart grid.

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