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Certified Since: December, 2015
Location: Mexico City, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
Sector: Manufacturing

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Sistema Biobolsa was founded and started in 2010 in Mexico, the second largest agricultural market in Latin America. To date, they have installed over 2,500 systems in 20 states of the country, providing access to sustainable energy to our 13,000 and more beneficiaries. In parallel, they have distributors in Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, as well as pilot projects in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bolivia, Columbia, Cuba, Haiti, United States, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Sistema Biobolsa is an award-winning waste and resource management system that is economically accessible and technologically advanced. Their key innovation is reimagining biodigesters as high-quality, modern durable goods. Their prefabricated design creates the conditions needed to scale, and ensures quality control that is not possible with traditional designs. From their factory, they distribute a turnkey package globally that can be installed within hours. The flexible material and zero-waste packaging helps overcome last-mile distribution challenges, with full systems ready to install from tightly wrapped packages that are easy to transport.

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