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SkyHive Technologies Inc.

AI and Deep Learning Technology; Workforce Reskilling and Upskilling Software
Certified Since: June, 2019
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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SkyHive is an artificial intelligence technology that deepens our understanding of labor markets, workforces and skills. Using deep learning and AI, SkyHive has developed the world’s only dynamic skills ontology that captures real-time shifts in the labor market. The skills intelligence fuels SkyHive's transformative solutions to support rapid workforce reskilling and upskilling through talent acquisition, onboarding and learning and development, effectively solving the global reskilling challenge facing most organizations today.

With the mission of tackling global poverty and unemployment, SkyHive leverages its exponential technologies to facilitate labor market transformation, upskilling, and lifelong learning; ultimately fostering a stronger, more prepared, and more confident workforce for a brighter tomorrow.

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