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Social Enterprises Inc.

Event Management, Development, Marketing, Programming, Partnership
Certified Since: January, 2014
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Social Enterprises, Inc. exists to serve non-profit and impact-minded organizations working to create a better world. Their mission is to assist these organizations in developing events that strengthen their networks and influence while generating funds to support ongoing work.

Social Enterprises, Inc. is committed to producing sustainable events that minimize environmental impacts and make positive economic and social impacts on the communities they touch. Read their Sustainability Policy and learn more about Social Enterprises, Inc. at www.socialenterprises.net/about.

Social Enterprises was founded in order to give organizations generating important change on the frontiers of sustainability and social entrepreneurism an affordable and professional resource to develop events that support their ongoing work. With the B Corporation framework, we are able to hold ourselves accountable to the same standards we recommend to our clients, and assure our stakeholders that we mean business when it comes to implementing the triple bottom line across all aspects of our enterprise.

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