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SoFine Food

Salad Dressing
Certified Since: October, 2016
Location: Bethesda, Maryland, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Dress It Up Dressing believes in a world where simplicity and quality can create beauty and happiness. Where less can be more. Where, when we clear away the junk – in our food and in our minds – we allow the opportunity to create sublime moments, whether it’s with a dish, a person, or a business idea.

Founded by a mother who always made her own salad dressing because she couldn’t find one with ingredients she liked, Sophia Maroon saw an opportunity to upgrade what was on offer in the salad dressing aisle. Dress It Up Dressing uses simple formulas to create sublime flavors and memorable dishes.

However, they don't just want our product to taste good, they want it to do good. Early on, Dress It Up Dressing made a commitment to produce their dressings responsibly and sustainably. That means working with schools to promote healthy eating, minimizing their effect on the environment, and providing opportunities for people in their community.

As a Certified B Corporation, they measure their success by more than just dollars. They endeavor to be a company that benefits their employees, their community, and the planet.

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