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Solarus Sunpower

C-PVT panels
Certified Since: December, 2014
Location: Venlo, Limburg, Netherlands
Sector: Manufacturing

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Solarus was founded in 2006 and is a technology spin-off out of the leading Nordic energy company Vattenfall. Together with a select group of research institutions Solarus has developed a third generation hybrid solar energy system. This system is unique in the world due to its extraordinary combined performance in electricity and heat production. Besides that the system rates very high in CO2 reduction.

Solarus believes that it can help improve the quality of life for many people by embracing innovative business models that provide local solutions to local needs. Solarus' systems can be applied in large set ups for industries, hotels, offices and city heating as well as in small residential situations in urban and remote areas. In addition to fighting the Energy Poverty, key project at the UN Energy group and a topic highlighted by the IEA (International Energy Agency), Solarus will offer local communities solutions to their energy and labour problems through partnering with local people, local licensees and local solutions, and they intend to move to local assembly of the end product (combined with central production of the core technology).

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