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Spotlight Solar

Architectural solar energy structures ( solar trees )
Certified Since: December, 2010
Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Spotlight Solar makes aesthetic solar mounting equipment. People call them solar trees. Unlike utilitarian solar ÒrackingÓ equipment, Spotlight products are designed to be seen and touched, making a statement of clean energy advocacy.

Spotlight allows solar to be visually appealing while signaling the ownerÕs environmental stewardship. These solar trees complement other investments, adding image value and property differentiation, and accelerating the adoption of solar energy by raising awareness.

Spotlight Solar exists to foster the adoption of solar energy by making it more visible and attractive. Solar energy is great - elegantly making power from free sunlight, with no emissions - but it is largely hidden from view. If more great-looking solar structures can be placed in highly visible places, more people will consider using solar themselves. If they can influence only 10,000 people to utilize solar power, they'll have eliminated the amount of pollution generated by burning four million gallons of gasoline every year! As well, they will create jobs people love: jobs which apply people's gifts, which honor contributions, and which have a positive impact on the planet and their communities.

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