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Reusable Food Pouches
Certified Since: November, 2015
Location: Verneuil sur Seine, Yvelines, France
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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Founded in 2014 by Elizabeth and Nicolas Soubelet, SQUIZ is a values-driven company that manufactures ecological products to make families' lives easier... and more fun! SQUIZ reusable food pouches are the only product of their type, worldwide, to source over 60% of their product cost from local suppliers. SQUIZ has proven that it's possible to make consumer products locally and profitably. Since their commercial launch, SQUIZ has prevented the creation of over 50 tons of non-recyclable consumer waste through the use of their reusable pouches.

Beginning in the prototype stage, the founders carefully considered the impact of their products in terms of environmental health and the social role of the company they wanted to create. The question was not only: ÒHow would this benefit the company?Ó but especially: ÒWhat benefit could the company bring to others?Ó With strong values deeply rooted in sustainable development as well as social responsibility, SQUIZ seeks to provide ethical products for all ages, to support charitable projects, and to be a driving force in the reduction of household waste.

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