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Certified Since: January, 2016
Location: Rochester, New York, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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TGW Studio is a social impact marketing and creative studio that partners with forward-thinking businesses to tell their stories.

TGW Studio leads the region in integrating branding with mission-driven strategies while also creating shared value and instilling cultural change for their partners. TGW Studio has deep B2C and B2B client partnerships including global consumer brands (CPG / food & beverage), national mission-driven companies, technology, renewable energy, healthcare, education, and nonprofits.

The future will rely on businesses of all shapes and sizes to be a force for good. TGW works with organizations ready to put a dent in (or fully demolish) their “business as usual” status and those ready to turn the impact dial up to 10. They’re a team of nice people doing things to make a difference. They’re at their best when working with similarly nice people with similarly impactful ideas. They don’t make things to enter into award shows or to bring them individual praise. TGW Studio discovers problems that they think they can have a part in fixing and holes they think they can have a part in filling. They create things they think can have a positive impact on this planet and the people on it.

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