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Thanksgiving Coffee Co.

Artisan Coffee Roaster
Certified Since: November, 2015
Location: Fort Bragg, California, United States
Sector: Agriculture/Growers

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Thanksgiving Coffee Company began roasting coffee in 1972 in an old wooden fish-packing plant, nestled in the Noyo Harbor of Northern California. Much like a scene from SteinbeckÕs Cannery Row, rugged fishermen, artisan boat builders, cranky deck hands, and the salty aroma of a working harbor surrounded them.

Their approach to coffee roasting was inspired by the bountiful landscape and a proud culture of craftsmanship. The salmon catches decreased each year and the redwood trees were logged faster than they could grow, forcing the local mill to close. Many craftspeople disappeared too, leaving unemployment and a struggling community.

Thanksgiving Coffee grew up in the midst of a once vibrant, resource-rich environment. They learned about sustainability by watching the foundations of their local economy disappear. Their business model is informed by their experience; a light footprint on the planet and a heavy focus on economic justice was their response. Every pound of coffee they roast, and every cup that is brewed, celebrates the craftsmanship of family farmers and provides stability and hope Ð in Mendocino County and in communities around the world.

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