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The Alinker Inventions Ltd

Alinker is a three-wheeled walking bike, we design, manufacture and distribute
Certified Since: May, 2017
Location: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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The search to live life with these values as a foundation motivated BarbaraÕs departure from her country of origin, the Netherlands. Her journey led her to work abroad for over 15 years. It was finally in Afghanistan, building schools for girls, where she found what she had been seeking; the rich experience of purpose and meaning that comes of living integrated in a community. Barbara has become a citizen of the world. She says, ÒÉbeing responsible by taking care of ourselves and each other is something IÕm extremely passionate about. I do for others because I can. Sharing is key.Ó

At The Alinker Inventions Ltd., the values of respect, dignity and freedom are embedded in their DNA, and in their flagship product the Alinker R-volution. Their goal is to create revolutionary solutions for people who want to live an active life, but who have developed or may be developing mobility challenges. Their desire is to make it as easy and fun as possible for people to stay healthy and fit, connect with each other, and engage in community life. Together, they move differently.

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