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The Good Pencil Company

One for One Pencils
Certified Since: May, 2019
Location: Sandy, Utah, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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The Good Pencil Company was started with a simple mission to provide an excellent writing tool that helps those who are less fortunate. Teachers with a genuine love for their students are paying for school supplies out of their own pocket. This shouldn't be the case. When someone buys a pencil from The Good Pencil Company they are donating a pencil to a school in need. Every pencil they sell they give one to a school in need.

They believe that their products need to do more than just fill a customer need. They create products that not only support that need, but also benefit someone else. They also recognize the impact their products have on the environment and want to leave this world better than they found it. They do this by supporting environmental initiatives that help the environment as well as educate consumers on the importance of the environment. Giving is an essential and important part to their model. As an Utah Public Benefit Corporation, The Good Pencil Company has made a commitment to creating positive impact on those in their community and on the environment. They focus their efforts on educational support for low income demographics and programs that support the environment.

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