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Certified Since: June, 2014
Location: Redlands, California, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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To its current readership of 390,000 Californians The Reader is an antidote to the mainstream media. To hundreds of small businesses it is an effective, local ad solution which is priced-right, and good for people and planet. Within the $140 billion U.S. local advertising market The Reader is poised to become what Starbucks is to coffee-- a market and cultural leader, reviving substance, story, and style in local media nationwide.

The Reader envisions a day when-- through its adversarial, investigative journalism reaching every home in America, free-- all Americans will have the opportunity to rise through the power of honest information.

Businesses of every size choose The Reader for reasons ranging from its environmentally responsible model, which helps each business save thousands of dollars, 40,000 gallons of water and reduce 4 tons of green house gasses (amongst 15 other benefits, see all of them at www.reader.us/impact) to its socially responsible editorial content which champions their interests.

The Reader provides its audience and advertisers digital and mobile channels of information. The Reader is available on mobile phones, online, and advertisersÕ businesses are linked to The ReaderÕs digital channels.

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