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The Sox Box

Socks and fitness apparel
Certified Since: March, 2014
Location: Monterey, California, United States
Sector: Wholesale/Retail

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The Sox Box is focused on creation of high quality fun, comfortable socks and athletic apparel. This company makes great sox that are funny, inspirational and motivational while delving into the Ôphilosoxical.Õ At The Sox Box there is a passion and love for high quality sox that consumers search for. This passion is extended beyond the products and directly into the core business model.

In addition to having great products, The Sox Box strives for good in all aspects of its business. Teaming with the Independence Fund, a non-profit focused on care for injured combat veterans, has established a wonderful partnership. This partnering fulfills the goal of giving back 20% of Sox proceeds to those service veterans who have sacrificed so significantly for others. Their Ôservice before selfÕ commitment continues to be the source of inspiration and motivation for the Sox Box. While the Independence Fund remains the primary flagship partner, the 20% donation model has been extended to other non-profits and social causes that allow the Sox Box to give back to society in more ways than one. The Sox Box has applied the 20% model to multiple organizations doing great things and they need great sox to show it!

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