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Timmerman Plasje

Fairtrade small batch VODKA Distillery
Certified Since: August, 2019
Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Sector: Manufacturing

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Located in the winelands on the southern tip of Africa, Timmerman Plasje is a distillery creating two ranges of Fairtrade VODKA.

The super-premium ESQ VODKA range is handmade in small batches from three different single ingredients to create three different vodkas: one from a Fairtrade Single Estate CHENIN BLANC, a second from a Fairtrade Single Estate MERLOT and a limited edition Single MALT vodka.

All are multiple award-winning and delicious!

VOW is a premium VODKA distilled from Fairtrade treacle, a byproduct of sugar production. It is filtered through coconut husk charcoal, an otherwise waste product.

No plastic packaging is used.

South Africa has a 350-year heritage and pedigree for making world-class wine and spirits. We want to add another category for which South Africa will become world-renowned, VODKA… something different, interesting and unexpected... and that is kind to our only Planet and fair to her people.

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