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Traction on Demand

IT Software & Services/Web Design
Certified Since: December, 2013
Location: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Traction on Demand is a Salesforce consulting and application development firm. They provide services to support the design, development, implementation and integration of technology and process. Their mission is to develop and grow the Salesforce ecosystem by empowering people and enabling organizations.

In addition to consulting on and implementing Salesforce projects, they have launched several applications including Traction Guest, Traction Complete and Traction Rec. All applications they develop look to achieve the same overall objective: driving efficiency and building capacity for organizations. This is done by identifying current business challenges, often through their consulting practice, and developing data related solutions that fill the gap. Whether it’s selling smarter, increased targeted marketing, or personalized customer support, their applications make data a company’s number one asset.

Maintaining a socially conscious mindset, Traction on Demand is one of the Canada’s first 100 certified B Corporations, with Traction for Good at the forefront of all their community initiatives. Their primary focus is to “give what we're good at” by providing service grants to non-profits; giving them the opportunity to leverage technology so they can impact more people.

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