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Tree planting Game, Crowdfunding service for planting forest.
Certified Since: October, 2013
Location: Seoul, Seoul, Korea (Republic of)
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Tree Planet seeks impact by tackling two issues: Firstly, not enough trees are being planted to replace those lost every year, and secondly, the response of the stakeholder (civic society, corporations, NGOs and governments) is not coordinated. By proposing innovative win-win solutions so that all stakeholders enjoy added layers of incentives, Tree Planet purposes to combat climate change, desertification, donor fatigue and philanthropic inefficiencies.

Tree PlanetÕs business is comprised of the game business and the commerce business. The core of both businesses is to provide entertaining way of planting trees. The game business includes mobile applications and web games. Through the games, users nurture and cultivate virtual trees, which are then planted in an actual forest by the TreePlanet team. Within the games, there are certain in-game items that are required to nurture one's tree. These items display the logos of the companies that have sponsored this initiative to combat desertification, and the advertising fee is sent to NGOs who carry out the planting process. Thus, Tree Planet's service provides an innovative and greener way for corporations to communicate with consumers. Governments participate in this process by providing land.

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