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Branding and engagement with tree adoption
Certified Since: June, 2014
Location: Florence, Firenze, Italy
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Treedom, founded in Tuscany in 2010, promotes agroforestry projects, in particular the planting of fruit trees, and offers innovative solutions for green branding, green communication, stakeholders engagement and sustainability strategies. The innovation consists of the transparency and visibility of the action. Once planted, every single tree is photographed, geo-localized, and posted on the user's profile, as well as always visible on the web and shareable on social networks.

In the last seven years, Treedom has planted more than 320.000, engaging 70.000 users Ð private individuals and companies - and involving more than 18.800 farmers in Africa, Latin America and Italy. Treedom's versatile services offer companies the possibility to create their corporate forest and integrate a map, photos, and details of all planted trees in the company's website. Treedom can calculate the CO2 emissions of a company's activities and define a personalized plan to offset them. Companies can organize green events and apply the co2neutral label by planting trees which can be given as a gift to the participants. All guests or attendees can see where their trees have been planted and share them with others.

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