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Travel with Zero Carbon Footprint
Certified Since: August, 2014
Location: Concord, Massachusetts, United States
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Created to address one of the largest drivers of climate change, TripZero enables customers to travel with zero carbon footprintÑat no additional cost.

Book a hotel through TripZero and the company will calculate your tripÕs carbon footprint, including the impact of transportation (air, train or car) and hotel stay. Then they offset your travel footprint through the purchase of certified carbon offsets. These offsetsÑsupplied at no cost to the travellerÑfund forestry, renewable energy and methane-reduction projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Thanks to a partnership with Expedia, TripZero offers the guaranteed lowest prices on the Internet. And itÕs free to set up a corporate account at TripZero, which enables companies to measure carbon savings across the enterprise and share results with employees and the community.

Travel has become one of the fastest growing drivers of climate change, producing more than 4% of the worldÕs annual pollution CO2 emissions. If it were a nation, air travel would be the seventh largest polluter in the worldÑright in between Japan and Germany.

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