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The B Impact Scores are being compared against all businesses that have completed the B Impact Assessment

In 2015, Fortune 500 companies each gave an average of $47.9 million to charity. Those companies know that investing in social responsibility programs generates huge potential benefits, such as increasing revenue up to 20% or reducing employee turnover rate by up to 50%. In addition, companies are required to engage in social responsibility programs: 87% of customers expect companies to do more than make a profit.

But big companies have the staffing and financial resources to make sure that they are getting the best return on their charitable investments. The typical annual cost for a corporate foundation is $200,000.

Valor CSR provides small to midsize companies with the benefits of corporate social responsibility while bypassing the $200,000 entry fee. With an Instant Corporate Foundation, firms can gain the reputational and budget-control benefits of a formal corporate philanthropy program. Valor CSR also provides foundation response services and corporate philanthropy program management, for a complete solution.

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