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Wijngoed en Zorghoeve de Reestlandhoeve v.o.f.

Organic wines made in the Netherlands with the help of disabled people.
Certified Since: June, 2018
Location: Balkbrug, Overijssel, Netherlands
Sector: Agriculture/Growers

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De Reestlandhoeve is a Vineyard and Care Farm located in Balkbrug (NL). In the Vineyard De Reestlandhoeve plays classic music. There are several studies that demonstrate that plants respond well to calm, classical music. Plants grow stronger and are consequently less susceptible to various diseases. Whenever the weather conditions are bad – storms, rain, cold - , then the vines certainly have difficulty with that. The music can alleviate these external influences somewhat but can certainly not compensate for it entirely. De Reestlandhoeve is not only a Vineyard but also offers a place for people with various disabilities as a Care Farm. People of various ages with diverse issues such as a mental disability, psychiatric issues, autism, dementia and more can find a place here.

The common denominator is that people enjoy contributing to the activities within De Reestlandhoeve. This for example leads to people with dementia being able to live at home longer, or that people with a mental or psychiatric disability can progress so much that they can deal with more independence and in the future possibly even with a (partly) paid job.

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