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Experience Design
Certified Since: May, 2014
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Wildwon design meaningful experiences which galvanise communities toward their common goals.

WIldwon are a purpose-driven experience design company based in Sydney, Australia. Their services include experience design and production across events, communications and digital media and they work with their clients on brand, community and stakeholder engagement strategies.

Wildwon apply the power of UX and service design tools to the design of real-world experiences that have a deep and lasting impact. While there is a focus on real-world interactions, this is supported by careful execution of digital communications and broader outreach strategies, with this cross-platform engagement carefully planned and executed to support the main ÔeventÕ.

They measure all of their projects against our mission: to design experiences for deep positive impact. All of their work has an impact on either an individual, an organisation, a city or the public consciousness. Their focus is on projects which promote community, connection with nature, social change, creativity and innovation.

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