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Winkler Partners

Legal Services, Translation Services
Certified Since: February, 2017
Location: Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Winkler Partners was the first law firm in Taiwan approved to operate as a partnership between Taiwanese and foreign attorneys. Since 2002, they have supported clients with a broad range of legal services from intellectual property, corporate and cross border dispute resolution.

Winkler Partners strives to be a sustainable enterprise. They recognize that their clients, colleagues and community are all essential stakeholders in the firmÕs sustainability. Winkler Partners aims to:provide the highest quality of legal services to clients,foster a culture of openness and growth for all colleagues, andmake the most positive contribution to the community.

Winkler Partners strives to be a sustainable enterprise, providing the best service to its clients, the best work environment to its colleagues and to be the best community citizen. The firm seeks to use the law, and its way of doing business, to inspire and empower others to create a more positive impact. Whether itÕs something as simple as implementing greater waste reduction in their offices, or a bigger commitment such as financial support of social and environment justice, Winkler Partners envisions a world in which change is business-led and community driven.

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