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PR, Impact Relations, Social Impact Public Relations
Certified Since: June, 2015
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Sector: Service with Minor Environmental Footprint

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Yulu Public Relations is an award-winning PR and impact relations agency founded on the principle of sharing stories that matter. Its mission is to use PR as a force for good. Whether it's servicing technology, lifestyle, consumer goods or social enterprise clients, the firm's mandate is to champion socially innovative organizations that see beyond the bottom line and think beyond the status quo. The agency's clients are socially innovative, redefining entire industries with the fundamental idea that environmental and social responsibility arenÕt just buzzwords, but the cornerstones of a truly holistic kind of success. A revolution is happening at the junction of creativity, commerce and social consciousness. Yulu isnÕt watching it happen from the sidelines Ñ together with its client partners, they're leading it.

Through the power of impact storytelling and media, Yulu believes a positive shift in the way businesses operate is possible. Shining a spotlight on social innovation can empower, educate, and inspire businesses globally to achieve maximum impact and positive change. An evolution of PR, Impact Relations is founded on transparency. No spin. No fluff. Just authentic strategy, messaging and communication.

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