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We're excited to have you in the B Corp community! Working for a Certified B Corp gives you access to special events, programs, and discounts, all of which you can find here. Looking for resources to make the most of your company's B Corp Certification? We can help with that too.

What's New: Join the Inclusive Economy Challenge!

Champions Retreat, New Orleans

Certification shouldn't be the end of the road. Right now, hundreds of B Corps are taking part in the Inclusive Economy Challenge by setting yearly goals for impact improvement. Learn more about the Challenge, what participating B Corps have already accomplished, and how to join them.


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Certified B Corps have access to the B Hive: an online community of peers and leaders.

  • Connect with B Corp leaders worldwide
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  • Take advantage of exclusive discounts for B Corps and their employees
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Using the B Corp Brand

Certified B Corporation

Fly your B Corp flag with pride! Here's how to tell the world about your certification and what it means.

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Certified B Corporation Champions Retreat and B Corp Leadership Development
B Local

When there are multiple Certified B Corps in one region, they can create community groups called B Locals to collaborate, share best practices, and network. Learn about current active B Local groups.


B Corp Leadership Development

Local communities of B Corps organize day-long conferences by employees, for employees, called B Corp Leadership Development. Learn about BLDs near you, why they're such powerful events, and how to host one.


Attract Talent

B Work - The World's Largest Impact Job Site

Find the best talent by offering work with meaning on B Work--the world's largest impact jobs board.

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B the Change - People Using Business as a Force for Good

B the Change is B Lab's publication dedicated to telling the stories of companies using business as a force for good. We want to hear from you! Check out our submission guidelines and get in touch.