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A living wage for all workers. A boardroom with the same mix of people as the factory floor. Business that works for everyone.

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An inclusive economy is one that creates opportunity for all people of all backgrounds and experiences to live with dignity, to support themselves and their families, and to make a contribution to their communities. The Inclusive Economy Challenge is a call to action for the community of Certified B Corporations to improve our collective impact and move toward an inclusive economy. 175 companies participated in the Challenge's pilot year, collectively achieving 298 measurable inclusion goals. Already participating? Find everything you need to get started.



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Companies participating in the Inclusive Economy Challenge (IEC) choose three or more goals from the Inclusive Economy Metric Set to improve on before the 2018 B Corp Champions Retreat in September. The Inclusive Economy Metric Set offers concrete metrics on themes like supporting vulnerable workers, climate change mitigation, supplier screening, and corporate governance.

Throughout the year, B Lab will check in with quarterly progress reports. We’ll regularly share relevant resources, including step-by-step workbooks to guide you through the process, best practice guides assembled by B Lab, and content from trusted topic experts.

After celebrating our participants at the 2018 Champions Retreat and sharing an updated Inclusive Economy Report on their progress, we'll begin sign-ups for the next year of the IEC!

2017 Inclusive Economy Challenge Impact Highlights

Last year, B Corps used B Lab’s Inclusive Economy Metric Set to identify goals for impact improvement on themes such as family-friendly practices, inclusive supply chain policies, equity in the workplace, shared ownership, and transparency. Download the full 2017 Inclusive Economy Report.

The [Inclusive Economy] Challenge encouraged us to look at the world in different ways. It expanded our awareness of diversity and inclusion issues and our empathy for others. I believe it also helped to strengthen our culture and commitment to our core values. It was a great experience. Thank you B Lab for encouraging the community to come together in this way!”

– Travis Borden, Keene Advisors, Inc.



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