2019 Best For The World Methodology


Honorees in all categories are calculated by size: sole proprietor (0 employees), micro (fewer than 10 employees), small (10 to 49 employees), mid-sized (50 to 249 employees), and large (250-plus employees) businesses. Honorees are calculated by size because score weightings of the indicators on the B Impact Assessment vary between size tracks (learn more about the B Impact Assessment below). The top 10 percent of performers in each category, except for Best For The World: Changemakers, are selected as honorees. All 2019 Best For The World lists are based on verified B Impact Assessment scores as of June 10, 2019.

The Best For The World: Changemakers list honors the Certified B Corps with the most verified improvements on questions across all impact areas in the B Impact Assessment over time. This inherently restricts eligibility to Certified B Corps who have completed at least two verified B Impact Assessments. The algorithm used to calculate the Changemakers list assesses positive change made on individual questions. Efforts are made to to exclude what is termed “standards-based change,” such as changes in score resulting from a company moving to a different track or version of the assessment (learn more about the B Impact Assessment below). This leaves behind only genuine improvements a company has made, and honorees on the Best For The World: Changemakers list represent the top 20th percentile on this measure as of June 10, 2019. 


Only Certified B Corporations in good standing with a reviewed B Impact Assessment (including both phone and document reviews by B Lab Staff with scores transparent online) are eligible for inclusion on the Best For The World list. While other businesses and organizations may use the free B Impact Assessment, they are not eligible for inclusion on the Best For The World lists. Only Certified B Corporations are eligible because they have not only obtained a verified score on the B Impact Assessment, but also have met the highest standards of public transparency and legal accountability to align their interests with the interests of society.


The B Impact Assessment

The B Impact Assessment (BIA) is a free online tool designed to comprehensively measure the positive impact that businesses generate for their communities, customers, workers, and the environment. The questions that a particular business sees and their relative weightings depend on the company’s industry, size and geography — there are more than 80 of these tracks in the assessment to ensure questions are material for a particular type of business. The B Impact Assessment produces a numeric score based on a company’s responses, and a company must receive a verified total score of at least 80 points to be a Certified B Corporation. The BIA is administered by the independent nonprofit B Lab.