4 Ways to Improve Your Score on the B Impact Assessment



To certify as a B Corporation, a company must score over 80 points on the B Impact Assessment, a free online platform to evaluate your company’s impact on your workers, community, environment, and customers. If you’re working to cross that 80-point threshold, or just want to improve your business’s impact, here are four ways to get started. Want examples of how B Corporations put these tips into action? Register for our webinar below.


Formalize Policies

A great place to start improving your score is to formalize policies your company may have never written down. These policies could be anything from maternity and paternity leave to a purchasing policy that prefers local suppliers.


Why does this help?

Even if you think your company tends to follow these practices, you won’t get credit on the Assessment unless they’re formal and official. Not only does B Lab need to see documentation of the policies to verify your answers, but having them in writing means they’ll be more accessible to your staff and more likely to remain in place throughout changes in leadership.


Track Impact Metrics

The Assessment asks about metrics like how much energy and water your company uses, how many non-profit clients your company serves, and how many staff members take part in training and professional development opportunities. If you don’t track all the metrics that the Assessment asks about, pick some of the most relevant to your business and start!


Why does this help?

You can’t get points for questions you can’t answer. More importantly, you can’t manage and improve your company’s impact if you don’t know where you’re starting from.


Include Your Suppliers

All businesses, no matter the size, have suppliers, whether that’s independent contractors and printing companies or raw materials and distribution networks. That means every company has an opportunity to create impact through its supply chain, via anything from a commitment to supporting women-owned businesses to creating a supplier questionnaire about potential vendors’ commitments to society and the environment.


Why does this help?

B Lab evaluates how a company spends its money, as well as how it makes it. Being discerning about how you choose and engage with your suppliers opens up several opportunities for more points in the Community section.


Make It Official

A major step a company can take to commit to creating positive impact is to embed that commitment into the company’s governing documents. Most companies are legally required only to maximize profits for shareholders—by changing their articles of incorporation < http://www.bcorporation.net/become-a-b-corp/why-become-a-b-corp/protect-... > or reincorporating as a benefit corporation , a company can choose to focus on the triple bottom line of people, planets, and profits instead.


Why does this help?

Making a legal commitment makes the company’s mission less likely to fade with time or a change in ownership. Adopting a mission-aligned structure can earn a company anywhere from 2.5 - 7.5 points on the Assessment.


Go Further

Looking for examples of how Certified B Corporations have improved their scores, or more details on how to put these ideas into action? Sign up below to watch our free webinar on score improvement!