August 2017: Beta Release of Updated Quick Impact Assessment


B Lab has been gathering feedback and conducting a review of the Quick Impact Assessment to guide the development of an updated version, which will be released in beta on August 15th.


What is the Quick Impact Assessment?


The Quick Impact Assessment (QIA) was launched in 2015 to introduce businesses to the concept of measuring impact and using business as a force for good, giving them a primer on their baseline social and environmental performance without completing the full (200+ question) B Impact Assessment.

Composed of a selection of questions directly from the B Impact Assessment and completed as a “warm up lap,” the QIA is based on the same core principles as the BIA but does not provide a numerical score for a company’s performance, instead reporting on where the company is performing above and below average compared to similar businesses.

The QIA is meant to not only introduce companies to core concepts related to their business’s potential for positive impact, but to also identify key opportunities for improvement and encourage companies to measure and manage their performance in more depth by progressing to the full BIA.

The QIA is used both by new users of the B Impact Assessment and by Measure What Matters partners who use the QIA as their tool of choice for introducing member companies, portfolio companies, and suppliers to the concept of impact management.


Why is B Lab updating the Quick Impact Assessment?


In 2016 and 2017, B Lab conducted a review of the QIA to revisit the principles it was created on and evaluate the extent to which the QIA was achieving its goals and meeting the needs of companies. That review made it clear that while the QIA was successful in creating an easier and more engaging onramp to measuring and managing social and environmental impact, there were still notable opportunities to improve by making it more compact, easier to understand, and focused on actionable improvements.


What are the changes to the Beta Quick Impact Assessment?

There are four core differences between the previous version of the QIA and the Beta QIA being released in August.

  • Question orders have been re-structured to create a more logical flow for beginner companies as they begin to measure and manage their impact.
  • Heavily technical and quantitative questions have been minimized to reduce time required for calculation and completion, in favor of more educational and actionable practices that companies can use to directly improve.
  • New “introductory” questions have been introduced to create opportunities for beginner companies to both be acknowledged for their positive practices and to identify immediate opportunities for improvement. These introductory questions are unweighted.
  • New answer options and questions have been added to fill gaps in the previous QIA and make it more holistic and comprehensive, particularly the introduction of more questions related to a company’s business model in addition to its own operational impact.
Not included in the beta release of the new QIA is any adjustments to the user interface of the QIA or the snapshot report showing results to users. Interface improvements for the QIA will be considered in the future but were not in the scope of this particular update.

For a comparison of the new Quick Impact Assessment with the previous version, see here for a more detailed analysis. Note that not all questions appear in all versions of the assessment, as the QIA, just like the BIA, is customized to a company based on its size, sector, and geographic market.


Who does this Quick Impact Assessment affect?

The new QIA will be released in August and accessible both to new Measure What Matters partners and companies that register for the assessment separate from any partner affiliation. It will not be available to, and will not affect, any current Measure What Matters partners or their current programs.

Later in the year, following initial feedback on the updates made to the QIA and any subsequent revisions, current Measure What Matters Partners will have the opportunity to transfer their programs to the improved QIA for their next year of programming.


If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on the proposed changes to the Quick Impact Assessment, please reach out to B Lab’s Standards Management team at