B Corp Certification Term Changed to Three Years


In the twelve years that B Corp Certification has existed, B Lab has continually updated the requirements and terms of Certification. This summer, we’re making an update to the recertification process.
In order to maintain B Corp Certification, companies are required to go through a periodic “recertification.” Companies recertify as B Corps by completing an updated, verified B Impact Assessment, demonstrating that they continue to meet the high performance standards for Certification.
As of July 1st, 2018, B Lab is changing the B Corp Certification term from two years to three years. This means that companies will be required to recertify every three years to maintain Certification.
By changing the Certification term to three years, B Lab hopes to:
  1. Bring the B Corp Certification term in line with other three-year cycles from major certifiers and standards organizations
  2. Align the Certification cycle with the three-year cycle in which B Lab releases new versions of the B Impact Assessment
  3. Provide Certified B Corps with more time to spend on impact and score improvements between Certification periods.
This change was made after significant feedback and consideration. After assessing the potential impact of the change and confirming that it would not alter the rigor of the Certification, the B Lab Board of Directors approved the proposal.
All existing Certified B Corps in good standing as of July 1 have had an additional year added to their current Certification term. B Corps can refer to our Three-Year Recertification FAQ for more answers on how this change might affect an individual company’s recertification.