The B Corp Handbook

How You Can Use Business as a Force for Good, Second Edition

Certified B Corporations are leading the way in building responsible businesses structured to leave the world a better place than they found it. B Corps are led and run by people using business as a force for good—credible leaders envisioning a better tomorrow. Part of this work includes exploring ways business can be used as a solution to the issues facing our society and environment, then sharing these real-life solutions with the broader business community.

Using insight from more than 200 Certified B Corporation leaders, co-authors Ryan Honeyman and Dr. Tiffany Jana provide a roadmap for companies looking to improve their social and environmental performance and build a more inclusive economy in The B Corp Handbook: How You Can Use Business as a Force for Good, Second Edition. While the first edition focused on the “why” and “how” to become a B Corp, the second edition takes an expanded view toward diversity, equity and inclusion. The updated B Corp Handbook highlights the importance of these core values for B Corps and all companies striving to benefit society, the environment, the community and their workers.

“The B Corp Handbook shows that an economic agenda that serves people’s needs while respecting planetary boundaries is compatible with, and ultimately even necessary for, financial success.”
Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, which owns several B Corps, including Ben & Jerry’s

“The second edition of The B Corp Handbook focuses on helping companies make progress on diversity, equity and inclusion. The message is clear: Don’t just wait for economic justice; make it happen!”
Naomi Vickers, Chief Operating Officer of BLK Capital Management


The authors and B Lab are excited to offer this important expanded edition. “My business is focused on helping other businesses become more diverse and inclusive. This is a topic every leader who wants to continue to lead needs to know about and understand as we reshape our society and workplaces to be equitable and just,” says co-author Tiffany Jana, president of TMI Consulting.

“In consulting with businesses through our impact-consulting firm, I know having the right language, tools and understanding is critical to any successful equity, diversity and inclusion process within an organization. We wanted to provide those tools and the experience of other leaders who have worked through the B Impact Assessment and B Corp structures to improve their companies’ inclusive practices and remove implicit biases and other barriers,” says co-author Ryan Honeyman, partner/worker-owner at LIFT Economy.

What Leaders of Every Business Will Learn

  • Real-life examples of how diversity and inclusivity work strengthens organizations and teams.
  • How considering all stakeholders—consumers, employees, local communities, the environment and the bottom line—can benefit your business.
  • Why diversity, equity and inclusion are core values for any company that aspires to make money and make a difference


About the Authors

Ryan Honeyman

Ryan is a partner/worker-owner at LIFT Economy, an impact consulting firm whose mission is to create, model, and share an inclusive and locally self-reliant economy that works for the benefit of all life.


Dr. Tiffany Jana

Tiffany is CEO and president of TMI Consulting, the first diversity consultancy to be chartered as a benefit corporation and certified as a B Corp. Dr. Jana was awarded a 2017 Enterprising Woman of the Year Award from Enterprising Women magazine and is the coauthor of Overcoming Bias and Erasing Institutional Bias.