Business Culture Has Shifted


The Business Roundtable just mainstreamed the principles of the B Corp movement in a Statement on the Purpose of the Corporation. While we encourage all companies to pursue certifying as a B Corporation, we recommend the following steps as a starting point for those leaders of large and/or public companies who are ready to take action:

Elect Benefit Corporation Status

Benefit Corporation status legally enables a corporation to balance the impact on their stakeholders in addition to their shareholders in their decision-making.

•  Download a one page overview

•  Read Benefit Corporation Law and Governance: Pursuing Profit with Purpose

•  Learn how to convert your company

•  Meet with your General Counsel and slate benefit corp on your next board agenda

•  Reach out to B Corp law firms that are well-versed in this topic

•  Discuss your leadership with investors and ask them to support more companies that choose to take action

Join B Movement Builders

B Movement Builders are large and multinational companies who seek to build and support the B Corp movement, creating a new narrative about the purpose of business.

Learn how leaders are taking action: to combat short termism, to catalyze a shift in the culture, and to operate a system of business and finance that will upend shareholder primacy. 

Movement Builders Principles

Movement Builders Program Overview

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33 B Corp leaders wrote a response to the Business Roundtable and published in the New York Times on August 25, 2019.