Champions Retreat Reflections: A Roundup of Blogs About The Event


Every year at Champions Retreat, members of the B Economy come together to share tactics and inspiration on what it means to use business as a force for good. Whether it’s through an engaging conversation with a stranger or a riveting realization from a panel, Champions Retreat inspires people to work together for a better economy and a better world. Many attendees of the 2018 Champions Retreat shared their reflections on what they learned and took away from the event online. To help you prepare and get the most out of this year’s event, we’ve curated a collection of blogs about last year’s Champions Retreat.

Top 10 Takeaways From the 2018 Champions Retreat, MediaStyle

Employees from MediaStyle, a progressive public affairs and strategic communications agency, found value in the sessions about equity, diversity and inclusion.

Caitlin Kealey of MediaStyle wrote: “As a first-time attendee at the annual Champions Retreat last month for the Certified B Corporation community, I arrived with some suspicion about the experience...But after a few emotional hours, I ended up finding a group of entrepreneurs like me who are convinced there is a better way to do business (with mindfulness or otherwise) that doesn’t sacrifice everything for profit...The overall experience was amazing, filled with great information and ideas.” 


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Lessons From the 2018 Champions Retreat: It’s Time to Do Something, Bodhi Surf + Yoga

At the retreat, Adrianne Chandra-Huff of Bodhi Surf + Yoga co-hosted a breakout session on the topic of mindfulness. Aside from co-hosting the session, she gained valuable insights from the retreat as well.

“The most powerful moment at the retreat for me came when my friend David Jackson of Impact Hub Oakland stood in front of the crowd on the first day, and reminded us that we need to do something. That it’s easy to look away from what doesn’t affect us, to focus on getting ahead, rather than the consequences that those who get ahead often disregard. That when some get ahead, others are left behind. That any system which doesn’t include everyone’s voice and perspective, is ultimately unsustainable.” 
-Adrianne Chandra-Huff


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Reflections From the 2018 Champions Retreat B Local PDX

B Local PDX is a group of Certified B Corporations from Oregon and Southwest Washington. Around 40 people from their community attended the 2018 Champions Retreat, including nearly their entire board. Karen Lickteig of Nossa Familia Coffee and Communications Chair for B Local PDX authored and curated reflections from their community:

“It feels so inspiring to be amongst people who are dedicating their careers to making a difference. Though the program content was really thoughtful and relevant, the random, unplanned conversations that I had with other attendees was the sweetest part.” 
-David Kahl, Founder & CEO of Fully

“The Champions Retreat was a great reminder about the impact of what we do. The organization of the conference and breakout sessions were designed to remind us that change starts with individuals, moves through the way we do business in our companies, how we interact in our local communities and then eventually to the global level.” 
-Rose Lavelle, Sustainability Director for Scout Books


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