Take Aways from Champions Retreat

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B Corp Community Members Share What They Took Away From the Champions Retreat

The Champions Retreat is the largest event in the US and Canada dedicated to supporting the connection and collaboration of Certified B Corps and partners. Hundreds of members of the B Economy come together every year at the Champions Retreat to learn from one another, share tactics and inspiration, and figure out ways we can better work together to build our movement and create the change we want to see in the world.

We asked attendees of the 2018 Champions Retreat to share some of their most valuable takeaways from the event. Here are a few of the insights they shared with us.


Andrew Chae, Founder
Yin Yang Naturals

Inspirational Gathering, Actionable Steps

“We've been attending The Champions Retreat since 2015. Every year, we return to our work inspired, refreshed, and motivated. There's nothing like being surrounded by so many like minded, open hearted, and purpose driven people. But it's more than just about feeling good about the mission and your company's status as a B Corp. It's about using the inspirational gathering to create actionable steps to move your company forward in using business as a force for good."


Yann Pezzini, Social Impact Strategist

Gratitude for our Authentic, Courageous, and Empathetic Community

"I am really grateful to be part of this community of authentic, courageous, and empathetic people leading the fight against systemic inequity, and for an inclusive & human-centered economy."


Marie Koesnodihardjo, Project Manager,
Mangrove Web Development

An Experience that was Real, Topical, and Tactical

"I found a family of change makers committed to naming and challenging white supremacy in our community and businesses."


Jane Violette, Marketing Manager
Participate Learning

Excited to Be Part of this Movement

"I loved my time here. It was so fun and so great to meet and work with like-minded professionals. I'm more inspired and more proud than ever to work for a B Corp. I'm excited to be part of this movement and the retreat made me think through so much more we can do. Let's do it!"  

Emilie Quinn, Customer Engagement,
Beau's All Natural Brewing Company, Ltd.

Learnings and Inspiration

"I learned a lot and left inspired with ideas of what I can do within my company and B Corp community to be the change we want to see in the world!"  

Karen Lickteig, Marketing & Sustainability Director
Nossa Familia Coffee

Opportunities to Engage, Connect, and Create Positive Change

"This retreat was deeply inspiring, and deeply humbling. I loved the many opportunities to engage and connect with new colleagues and have complex conversations on nuanced issues affecting us. These are my people and it was beautiful to spend a couple days with them. It was also inspiring to see B Lab show its vulnerability as a team and organization, and I think we can all relate to and learn from this experience.


Carolina Miranda, Sustainability & B Corp Consultant
Cultivating Capital

The Best Gathering of Values-Driven Business Professionals

"The B Corp Champions Retreat is the one conference every year that I try not to miss. Over the years, I've found that it is the best gathering of values-driven business professionals who are completely committed to using their businesses to do good in the world." 


Rochelle Guastella, Director of Business Development
Artisan Dental

Concrete Ideas

"Each of the breakouts gave me a concrete solid idea to take back to my office and discuss using right away."


Michelle Reid, Sustainability Czar
Mills Office Productivity

Tools to Implement Change

"I really felt that I was given tangible tools to implement the changes I would love to see in our company and community. The personal stories very deeply impacted me."   


Sasha Prell, Program and Volunteer Specialist,
Gary Community Investments

Refreshed and Energized

"I had a blast and feel refreshed, energized, excited to work towards B Corp’s mission in my work and personal life."




What inspiration, tools, insights, or connections would you take away from this year’s Retreat? Please come find out for yourself.  You are invited to the 11th annual Champions Retreat in Los Angeles, California September 16-18, 2019. Learn more and get your tickets here.