V6 of the B Impact Assessment: Coming in January 2019!


The B Impact Assessment is B Lab’s online tool for companies to measure and manage their positive impact on stakeholders like their employees, their community, and the environment. Since its inception in 2007, the B Impact Assessment has gone through four version updates in order to stay up-to-date with best practices and trends in measurement as well as to incorporate user and stakeholder feedback. The B Lab team is excited to announce the timeline of the B Impact Assessment’s next iteration, now scheduled to formally launch in January of 2019.

With approval by B Lab’s Board of Directors, new B Impact Assessment versions will transition to a three year process rather than a two year process. This change (1) recognizes that as standards mature, there is less need for frequent updates and more need for continuity among users, and (2) provides more opportunities to collect feedback as well as develop, test, translate, and communicate changes in future versions. B Lab is currently in the process of collecting feedback on the current version (Version 5) of the assessment and will develop new drafts of Version 6 for initial testing in the summer of 2018. A 60-day public comment period will then start in September 2018, with final review and anticipated approval for launch in January 2019. Find more information about the scope and timeline of V6 here

As always, all are welcome and encouraged to provide feedback on how the B Impact Assessment can be improved. Users can leave feedback directly in the B Impact Assessment platform using the Leave Feedback button next to each question or by reaching out directly to our Standards Management team (Ana C. Gonzalez at acgonzalez@bcorporation.net) with thoughts and questions. See this document for guidance on submitting feedback directly to the Standards Management Team: V6 Public Feedback Guidelines.


If you are interested in learning about updates and opportunities to provide feedback as drafts are made available for testing and public comment, please subscribe to our Version 6 distribution list below.