Version 6 of the B Impact Assessment is Available for Public Comment


Version 6 of the B Impact Assessment, scheduled for launch in January 2019, is now officially available for public comment! 

Following the Beta and Alpha beta testing period of Version 6 of the B Impact Assessment, the public comment period formally starts on Saturday, September 15th and will run for two months until Friday, November 16th. During this period, anyone who is interested may review and leave feedback on our draft by logging in to the B Impact Assessment and selecting opt-in to V6 Public Comment.

Version 6 of the B Impact Assessment features structural changes as well as updates and improvements to individual questions and metrics. Among the most notable changes that have been proposed are:

  • A new operations section under Customers (Customer Stewardship) featuring questions on topics like Product / Service Warranties, Accreditations and Certifications, Satisfaction, Feedback and Complaint Channels, and Data Usage.

  • More detailed questions on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have been added around inclusive workplace practices and quantitative diversity questions have been disaggregated to create a more detailed, consistent, and globally relevant set of metrics.

  • A broader life cycle approach has been adopted to questions about managing the environmental impact of a company’s supply chain, with new elements of environmental impact like biodiversity explicitly included.

  • New drafts of Local Economic Development and Designed to Conserve Impact Business Models have been developed to make their structure more consistent with other Impact Business Models in the BIA.

A more in-depth overview of these changes and other key updates in V6 is available here or register for a webinar on the V6 updates with our Standards Management Team. The webinar will be hosted live on October 18th at 1PM ET and the recording will be shared with all who register. 

Please note that no scores from the B Impact Assessment are official during the public comment period, and B Lab will continue to collect and analyze performance data to determine the final scoring model for Version 6 before it is officially launched.  All companies are encouraged to review the B Impact Assessment Version 6 during the public comment period to be aware of changes and provide input. While the release of new versions creates scoring implications for all users, should a Certified B Corporation fall below the required score of 80 during the update period, B Lab has policies to remediate this issue, preventing that B Corp from immediately losing certification.

Thank you for your support as we continue to improve our global standards!  If you have any questions, reach out to