Who Comes to the Champions Retreat?

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People who come to Champions Retreat are not only dreamers, they are doers. They live their mission every day and are committed to leveraging business as a force for good.

The annual Champions Retreat is a gathering of B Economy Champions, including Certified B Corps and The annual Champions Retreat is a gathering of members of the B Economy, led by Certified B Corps and business leaders who are working to build an inclusive and regenerative economy.  Whether they are coming for the first time or returning for their 11th Retreat, Champions come to be inspired, get reinvigorated, find new solutions to their challenges, and connect with mission peers, mentors, and potential partners.

The 2019 Champions Retreat will take place in Los Angeles, California Monday, September 16th through Wednesday, September 18th. If you’ve been thinking about coming to Champions Retreat for the first time, this post will help you understand what the Retreat experience is like and who you might connect with there. 

Roles Represented

From Associates to CEOs, you’ll find a full spectrum of roles represented at the Champions Retreat. Champions Retreat content and conversations are designed so that every person can participate in conversations that address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by their peers, including Founders, Directors, Customer Service Reps, Marketing, HR, Solopreneurs, Administrators, and others.  

Their roles might fall in the Legal, Sales, Marketing, Finance, or Operations department, but you’ll find that all Champions are committed to doing their part to grow the B Economy. 


The Champions Retreat attracts a wide swath of members of the B Economy. Most are B Corps and they come from across industries and sectors:

  • Agriculture

  • Business Products & Services

  • Construction

  • Consumer Products & Services

  • Education & Training Services

  • Energy & Environmental Services

  • Financial Services

  • Health & Human Services

  • Legal Services

  • Media

  • Restaurant, Hospitality & Travel

  • Retail

Here is the breakdown of 2018 Champions Retreat attendees by industry.

Certified B Corporations 

The majority of Champions Retreat attendees work for or run a Certified B Corporation. Some of the B Corps are Best for the World Honorees who lead in creating positive impact or are B Local Leaders creating vibrant place-based communities. People from companies who have not completed the certification process are also welcome to attend -- anyone who is advancing business as a force for good.

At the 2018 Champions Retreat 79% of attendees were Certified B Corps.

Even if they are new to this movement, Champions Retreat attendees are all committed to building an inclusive, equitable economy and better world. They are ready to ready to dig in and push harder. They are dedicated to learning the best ways they can use business to create more impact and a more inclusive economy.

Interests and Areas of Impact

Even if their core business model does not directly work on a solution to a social or environmental challenge, Champions Retreat attendees are always thinking about their impact on people and planet and the ways they can help create positive change. The impact areas that are of interest to members of this community include:

  • Climate

  • Regenerative Agriculture

  • The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Gender Equity

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • Impact Challenges

  • Scaling with integrity

  • Employee engagement and integration

  • Global growth pressures

  • Sustainable supply chain

  • Advocacy

  • Many other issue areas...

Join us at the 2019 Retreat!

No matter the size of your business, the role you play in your work, or the type of impact you are interested in creating, there is a place for you at the Champions Retreat. Please join the B Corp Community and your fellow members of the B Economy at the 11th annual Champions Retreat to connect, learn, and get inspired. Register for 2019 Champions Retreat.